ICHAT MESSAGING APP CORPORATION believes that your privacy is important and to fulfill our commitment to respecting and protecting your privacy. You will be informed of the personal information that will be collected. We will make our policies and practices for the handling of your personal information as transparent as is reasonably possible in accordance with your rights under applicable law. As the App creator and service provider, we will be accountable to you. We are interested in hearing your opinion regarding our compliance with these principles, this Privacy Policy, and applicable laws.

This Privacy Policy explains how ICHAT MESSAGING APP will process and safeguard your personal information, and the rights and choices you have with respect to your personal information. This Privacy Policy applies to: personal information you provide us when you use the ICHAT MESSAGING APP, optional services made available within the ICHAT MESSAGING APP, and other apps that integrate with or work in conjunction with the ICHAT MESSAGING APP; personal information we collect when you visit websites maintained by us relating to our Apps and personal information about you provided by other users of the Service.

Information Concerning Your Account

When you create a ICHAT MESSAGING account in order to access the Services, ICHAT MESSAGING will ask you to provide your phone number. This information is necessary because we may send a text message via SMS to the phone number you provide, as part of our ongoing efforts to detect and deter unauthorized or fraudulent use of or abuse of Services. We may also use your registered phone number to provide you important information about Services.

Contact Phone Numbers in Your Address Book

When you use Services, we may obtain and maintain certain electronic identification or log data that is automatically provided by your device such as: device type, OS type, IP address, browser information including type and language settings, device identifier, cookie data, advertising identifier or mobile application identifier.

This information is necessary as part of our ongoing efforts to detect and deter unauthorized or fraudulent use of, or abuse of, Services, as well as to provide you with customized options, and optimize the Service for your device.

Location Information

To use the ICHAT MESSAGING APP, you are not required to provide your location information. However, we provide features that utilize geolocation data for your convenience and to improve your user experience.

In other cases where we collect or use your geolocation data in the course of providing an Additional Service, we will provide you with prior notice and obtain your prior consent.

User-Generated Content

In addition to the information described above, you may choose to set your profile information (e.g., ICHAT MESSAGING ID, "display name," profile picture, and the phrase you choose to show under your status message) and show who you are to other ICHAT MESSAGING users within Services. Furthermore, you may choose to create "user-generated content" such as text and audio messages, photos, videos, geolocation data, or the contact information of your ICHAT MESSAGING friends, and share this user-generated content with other users. You may choose how much or little of your user-generated content to share, and with whom you share it, when you create messages by selecting the recipients of your user-generated content and/or through the privacy settings in the ICHAT MESSAGING APP.

Please note that the profile information and user-generated content you share with others can be copied, stored, or disseminated by the recipients and potentially accessed by unintended third party recipients due to the nature of digital data. We encourage you to be very attentive and cautious when you generate and share your personal information or content with others.


How Long Does ICHAT MESSAGING APP Keep My Information?

ICHAT MESSAGING APP retains the personal information you provide while: your Account is active; for the length of time needed to fulfill any of the applicable purposes of use described in this Privacy Policy; or to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Does ICHAT MESSAGING APP Give My Information to Third Parties?

Other than as described in this Privacy Policy and other applicable privacy policies or addendums, ICHAT MESSAGING APP will not provide your information to any third parties without your consent, unless we believe in good faith that we are required or permitted to do so under applicable laws.

How Do I Control My Information?

Subject to applicable law (including any exemptions or derogations under such law), you may have a right to access your personal information, to have errors in your personal information rectified, and to object to the processing of your personal information on legitimate grounds. You can exercise some of these rights directly within the ICHAT MESSAGING APP at any time.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this Privacy Policy or our other privacy policies or practices, please contact us.

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